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About "Little Prague"

Anyone who’s ever visited Prague and misses it, and certainly everyone with Czech roots, will find “Little Prague” to be a Czech home away from home. It offers visitors a rich Czech menu based on authentic classics, a great variety of quality draught beer and a taste of the real European atmosphere. The menu consists of original home-made classics, served in Czech style large portions, up to 14 different types of draft beer, that include most of the leading Czech brands, Austrian and German wheat beer, Irish stouts, Belgian speciality beer and Israeli mainstream and hand crafted as well . Many do not know, but the Czech Republic is the world leader in beer consumption per capita. If you are also a beer lover we recommend you review the beer related articles on this site, or visit the branch closest to you for a taste.

Little Prague has two branches located in Tel Aviv and Bat Yam. The owner, Rasto, a native Czechoslovak , who settled in Israel few years ago, designed and hand built all the three branches as classic Czech pubs. All the pubs are decorated with pictures of the Czech Republic, and the general atmosphere is reminiscent of the restaurants and pubs in Prague. The playlist consists mostly of quality classic rock music, that complements the young atmosphere, leaving you with a taste of the old Czech capital.

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